Dope Rhymes #1


Just a quick heads up, issue 1 of Diversity In Science is up and interesting, a “tribute to those who have achieved despite barriers to participation and success”. Of particular note, variably wild-haired Dr. Tyrone Hayes lays down some of the best lines this side of the Large Hadron Rap. I would say “don’t quit your day job”, were it not for the fact that 1) It already is, and 2) I’m sincerely impressed – and amused.

(via Scienceblogs)


As a show of good faith, I’ve decided to use my first post to introduce you to some of the greatest “faux sarcastic nerd loving absurdist bent” fashion that is currently still legal in the United States. Does the flat earth really ride on giant elephants who in turn ride on an even gianter turtle? I like to think so. Can I convince any of us that teaching alien women to love hasn’t been one of the key driving forces to scientific discovery? No. No I cannot. —>